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Help Your Child Become a Better Writer and Win Great Prizes!

PRIZES: kids2-happy-place

1st Place: Winners will have their work featured on our website along with their photo and will receive a $10 gift card!
2nd Place: Work will be published on our website and receive a certificate of participation!
3rd Place: Certificate of participation!

The Child Language Laboratory  is proud to host our first photo contest! As speech-language pathologists and researchers in the field, we strongly believe that parental involvement and guidance can help children develop language skills more rapidly.

Reading and writing skills are crucial to children’s academic success. More so, being able to express oneself in a clear, organized manner is an essential part of being an effective communicator. Practice these very important skills today with some creative writing. Team up with your child, put on your thinking caps, and let your imaginations flow!kids_comp

Please read the contest rules below.

Enter by May, 1st, 2015



What does spring mean to you? Take a photo showing your favorite spring scene and write a caption to express your answer to this question.


Captions will be judged on creativity and clarity. It is important to remember that the writing should be age-appropriate. We are not looking for perfection or lengthy submissions. The goal here is to engage in a fun writing experience that answers the contest question!


• Each submission must be the joint work of a parent/guardian and child. Encourage your child to think creatively and help develop and shape their ideas.

• Each submission must be in common file format (i.e., .jpg or .bmp).

• Email your submission to with the subject title “Photo Contest 1”. In the body of the email, include the photo caption, the first and last names of both parent/guardian and child, the age of the child, city of residence, and best possible way to contact you.

Note for Parents: 1) Participation in the contest does not require or obligate participation in a research study; 2) Email addresses collected for this contest will not be shared but may be used by the Child Language Lab to contact you about other opportunities with the lab.