Child Language Lab offers free language and hearing evaluation. We provide your child’s scores and a short test performance report.

Current Lab Research involves  language and hearing projects.  Our current  research takes place at the Child Language Lab, Graduate Center, CUNY and  Language and Hearing Research Lab, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

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Site5In our projects, children are asked to complete a variety of tasks on the computer. Our lab implements eye-tracking technology for some projects. Eye-tracker is a computer-based technology that detects child’s eye movements and helps us to see how the language is processed.

Language Project

The goals of the Language Project are

  • to understand childhood language disorders and what causes them
  • how children process complex language
  • what  tracking eye movements tells us about how children organize words and use language

To find out more about this project please take a look at the project’s brochure Language_Project

Autism Communication Project

The goals of the Autism Communication Project are

  • to understand the nature and underlying causes of Site5breakdowns in social language
  • to help to inform therapy for children with autism and conversational difficulties

To find out more about this project please take a look at the project’s brochure ASD Project

As researchers, we are interested in a number of questions pertaining to child language development. You can read dissertation abstracts of our lab’s alumni to know more about our projects.

Dissertation Abstracts of our recent students by topic: